Naperville, IL: Man accused of using dynamite to blow up cheating wife

A 43-year old David Hughes from Naperville, Illinois is under arrest on homicide charges after he allegedly used dynamite stolen from an industrial supply depot to ‘blow up’ his 39-year old wife.

Officials are yet to release the names of the accused man’s dead wife, but it is believed the couple are local to the area and have been married for nearly 15 years.

According to one source with knowledge of the matter, the man had discovered that his partner was cheating after finding raunchy texts and photos on her phone from a much younger man, believed to be one of the woman’s coworkers.

“He was furious at discovering that his husband had been cheating on him, and became obsessed with revenge,” said the source. Searches on the home computer revealed him looking for information on where dynamite could be sourced.

It is alleged that the man went to an industrial supplier and stole a quantity of dynamite to use in the revenge plot. “We believe he incapacitated her in some way, and then covered her body with the explosives and running a length of fuse to a safe distance.”

The resulting explosion prompted numerous neighbors to contact 911, and investigators were soon on the scene, which spread over multiple properties in the area. “We expect it will take days to locate all the missing fragments on his wife’s body from the roofs of local homes,” said one of the officials involved in the investigation.