Oak Ridge, TN: Burglar crushed to death after breaking into hoarder’s property

A 32-year old Oak Ridge, Tennessee man has been killed after he was crushed by a mountain of hoarded items that fell on him after he broke into the residence of a hoarder.

The owner of the home called 911 after hearing a loud crash in their living room. When authorities arrived on the scene, they found the crushed and lifeless body of the 32-year old underneath a pile of household items, ranging from broken televisions to boxes filled with religious figurines.

It took officers several minutes to move the hoarded items from the front door to the living room in order to reach the man. Eventually the officers attempted to perform CPR on the injured male but were unable to revive him. He was later pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.

An inspection of the scene revealed a large bowling ball which may have struck the deceased man on the head soon after he broke in through a window, rendering him unconscious before he was crushed to death or suffocated by the mounds of falling garbage in the living room.

The homeowner is not likely to be prosecuted in relation to the burglar’s death, although some legal experts believe there is a case for the man’s next of kin to file for civil damages due to negligence. “Regardless of whether or not the man was engaged in illegal activity, there is still grounds for damages to be awarded given he was killed through the reckless hoarding of the homeowner,” said one legal expert.