Tarrant County, Texas: Woman requires abortion after sister swapped her birth control with aspirin as ‘prank’

A pair of sisters in Tarrant County, Texas who have been engaged in what authorities describe as a ‘prank war’ have both been questioned after the latest incident in the long-running saga left one needing to have an abortion.

Monica (27) and Jenny (23) Potter posted about their prank war on social media which began several months ago after Jenny switched Monica’s bikini wax with an acidic solution, causing burns to her genitals.

“I was so mad at my sister that I knew I had to get revenge, and when I saw her birth control pills in the bathroom I had an idea,” said Monica. “I bought a pack of aspirin that looked similar and switched it.”

“In hindsight I probably shouldn’t have gone that far,” she told investigators. “I thought she’d realise the tablets looked quite different but apparently she didn’t.”
Jenny realized something was wrong after missing her period and taking a pregnancy test. “I had no idea how I could’ve become pregnant because I never miss taking my birth control. When I found out what Monica did I was furious.”

Jenny was forced to have an abortion as she says she had no intention of becoming a mother. After posting her story on social media, it drew the attention of law enforcement who are investigating if a crime was committed by Monica.

Charges are yet to be laid, but some are calling for Monica to face punishment over her tampering with Jenny’s birth control. Jenny declined to comment other than to say she had a ‘bigger’ prank in store as revenge.